MilanoR is a user group dedicated to bring together local users of the popular open source language R. Our aim is to exchange knowledge, learn and share tricks and techniques and provide R beginners with an opportunity to meet more experienced users. We wish to spur the adoption of R for innovative research and commercial applications, and show case studies of real-life R applications in industry and government.

Anyone can join MilanoR: you can subscribe using the links in homepage. Anyone can also submit a post for the blog or participate in meetings as a speaker. MilanoR is open to everyone!

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MilanoR is sponsored by Quantide, a Milan-based company focused on R training and consulting and Revolution Analytics, a US-based company providing commercial support for R.

yuimaGUI a Shiny app for the analysis and simulation of financial time series

Stefano introduced the yuima package, a powerful S4 framework for the simulation and inference of several classes of time series. On the top of the yuima package, Stefano and his collaborators built a great interactive dashboard, yuimaGUI, that makes accessible to a wider audience the data I/O, the explorative data analysis and model fitting. The yuima package and the related app look very powerful: if you want to be introduced to their potentialities, the presentation is wide and deep.